Philosophy...  Beautifully designed spaces welcome us, surprise us with their thoughtful details, and support a more balanced life. Life is better with great design and a well designed home is a sanctuary that can renew us for each new day. I find that a well designed public space allows everyone to feel welcome and caters to our commonalities. As we work together, I explore how you currently live to see how a well designed home could make your life more uncomplicated, more enjoyable and more efficient. A thoughtful approach leads to a better and more beautiful design, customized and tailored to you.

Purpose... Good design is sustainable design and we make a commitment to our clients, our community and our environment to be eco-conscious in our design practices. This includes everything from sourcing fair trade and renewable resources to donating unwanted furnishings and recycling demolition materials. We make design decisions and selections that encourage the sustainability of our planet's resources and responsible vendors, manufacturers, products and services are always given priority when the quality and design are to our standards. We are committed to helping those less fortunate so we work with local charities such as the Catonsville Women's Giving Circle, Marian House and Second Chance, and can also coordinate the donation your unwanted household goods and furnishings. 

Partnership... Whether you have a full renovation, new custom home or commercial space, our process is designed to be as streamlined, efficient and enjoyable as possible so that you can simply look forward to the finished project.

Are you interested in working together? We would love to schedule time to discuss your project or meet for a design consultation.

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