Who's That Girl? Meet Maddie!

When we started looking for an Assistant Designer for the Studio and a Boutique Manager for DOMAIN, we had the highest hopes of finding a unicorn... Someone who was personable, artistic, optimistic, creative, smart, organized, diligent and outgoing enough to manage our shop but also able to multi-task and work with us on design projects. And, maybe most importantly, had a great sense of humor with the ability to find the good in almost any situation. We nicknamed this person our unicorn since it seemed that having all of these traits in one person was perhaps a little too aspirational. 

Luckily for us, we kept searching and after a fortuitous Instagram post, along came Maddie, an unwitting but altogether perfect little unicorn (she's perfectly petite). 

Laura Hodges Studio- Maddie.jpeg

Here's what Maddie would say if you asked (and my unsolicited comments.)

"Hey there, I’m Maddie, a designer and artist born and raised in Baltimore. Who am I you may ask?" 
{We may not.} 
"Well, that could take hours, so I’ll keep it short." 
{Whew, thanks.} 
"I’m Laura’s only and favorite assistant designer." 
{She tells me this every day so I don't forget.} 
"After graduating from Towson University, I taught middle school art and later interned with a Baltimore designer. While interning I discovered that designing beautiful and cohesive environments for others was what I truly wanted to do.
{Are there other reasons to get up in the morning?}
"This past summer I reached out to Laura and the rest is history."
{Did she just yada yada over the entire interview process?} 
"I am so grateful to work with Laura and Tim..." {mostly me} "... and I look forward to the many laughs, discoveries, and gratifying moments to come."
{Aw, we love you too!}