You have a gorgeous house... now what? 

I think we all know that not every house feels like a home, right? The exterior may be gorgeous but what happens when you step inside? How does a new or remodeled house become your home? So many questions!

Laura Hodges Studio - Patapsco Project.jpg


How to create that feeling in a new or remodeled home is one of the most asked questions with my new clients so I'm sharing a few of my best tips to get you thinking about your own home.

  1. Paint! I love builders as much as the next designer but their gray-beige-strange off-white paint color choices usually don't create that warm and welcoming feeling. I always suggest choosing your paint colors last so it can support the rest of the design plan but don't let it be an afterthought. (Need help? Don't worry, we do paint consultations to keep you stress-free.)
  2. Art! Too many exclamation points? I'm trying to keep your attention, paint talk isn't always super exciting. Whether you have a fabulous art collection from your well-heeled Aunt Sophia or your own great finds, art is a brilliant way to put your stamp on a new home. (Don't have an artistic eye or need inspiration? We have a fantastic collection of local art at Domain as well as great suggestions for local galleries.)
  3. Rugs! I'm going all in on the overdramatic tips here so yes, we're doing this. I love your modern concrete floors and wide plank hardwoods but let's break it up a bit and soften the look with a beautiful rug or two, your feet and eyes will thank you. (Allergic to wool or afraid your kids/dogs/husband/wife/vacuum cleaner will ruin it? We have suggestions for durable, indoor-outdoor, low maintenance beauties.)
Laura Hodges Studio - Patapsco Project.jpg

Not to be outdone, I love to take these ideas even further and customize anything I can get my hands on. How do you customize paint? Glad you asked, my good friend and resident decorative painter, Dee Lenehan of Lenehan Studios will be on hand this coming Saturday at Domain, from 11:30am-2:30pm to tell us how. Join us and learn about how fabulous your walls can be and have a glass of sangria on us. (Domain, 710 Frederick Rd, Catonsville, MD 21288)

See you soon!