Choose The Best Family Photos For A Gallery Wall

Don't you love family photo gallery walls? "Of course", you say, "but they're always much easier said than done!" Well, today I'm sharing 3 of my top tips for choosing the best photos so it's as painless as possible. 

But first, I'd like to introduce a friend and colleague who knows how to make sure your family photos are ready for your gallery wall. And because she's amazing, she's joining us this Saturday, September 8th at Domain from 12pm-1pm for even more tips and tricks for your best family photos. 

Renee Michele, a portrait, wedding, and lifestyle photographer in the MD, DC, and VA area for over 20 years, has built a career of building great client relationships. Her warm and casual approach to capturing her clients looking their best starts with a strong technical film background. This allows her to put her energy quickly into finding great light and circumstance for her subjects to feel their way into great striking images. Renee will ask the right questions, select locations, and help find the light that works to make spectacular telling images.

And just a little side note to check out our latest design project published in The High End magazine this month. This client is one of my favorites and their modern, upbeat design style made for a great project right here in Catonsville.  

So, here they are... three of my top tips for a fabulous gallery wall:
1. Choose photos that are candid and capture a special moment. Staged or posed photos have their place but you'll likely find greater joy in more spontaneously captured images. 
2. Find the best light! Make sure your photos have even and adequate lighting so everyone looks their best. If you brighten your images, make sure they're brightened to the same light level and color. 
3. Follow your instincts. Overwhelmed by how many images you have? Don't overthink it. Lay out your gallery frames and make a list of the sizes and orientation you need. Choose your favorite images that stand out and make an emotional connection on first glance. 

We love gallery walls of family photos, travel photos or anything that's meaningful to you. So keep it simple, keep it bright and let us know if you need help!