What is it like to work with a Designer? 

Have you ever considered hiring an interior designer but then thought... What if I hate her ideas? How will she know what I like? How long will the project take? Can she do all of the purchasing and manage the project for me? Well, we're taking you behind the scenes to answer the questions you didn't even know you had about what it's really like to work with an interior designer.

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First, hang on, let me take a quick minute to introduce Tim, my partner in life and now my partner at Laura Hodges Studio and DOMAIN, our home decor shop. Tim's handling the operations and project management for both of our companies so if you're already a client (thank you!) you'll meet him soon!

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Ok, back to design... I'll make it easy and list the top questions I receive with new clients:
1. How do you charge for a project? 
Since every project is different, we start with an initial consultation in your space to work out some preliminary design solutions and provide you with guidance on a definite design plan. After our consultation, I'll send you a proposal for your project that includes everything we reviewed and my estimated fee for designing your new space. And yes, we would love to manage the project for you, including purchases, deliveries, installations and working with your contractor or architect. We can also just design your space and leave the rest to you. 

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2. How long will my project take?
Again, every project is different but we estimate 3-5 weeks for the design plan (depending on the size of the project) plus 8-12 weeks for furniture delivery. In addition to that we have to allow time for building permits, contractor's work schedules, and possible product delays or backorders. 
3. What if I hate your design ideas?
How dare you! Well, as offended as I am that you would even ask that, I haven't really done my job if you hate my ideas. That's why I do lots of research and homework before I even start your project to make sure I fully understand your design style and project needs. And it's not a conversation that ends with the consultation, we stay in constant communication throughout the design process and installation so you know I'm listening. Always. 

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4. How do I plan a budget for my project?
During your initial design consultation we will review the entire scope of your project and work on preliminary estimates so that you can plan your budget. I will guide you on the interior design and furnishings budget and we will work with your trusted contractor or builder on the construction budget. If you don't have a contractor or builder we can prepare the project scope and an initial design plan to bid out to a few contractors and tradespeople. 
5. Can you take care of everything so I can relax?
This is a common question and yes, we can. As your designer, we will not only create a custom design plan for your home, but we can also manage your purchases from the initial order, specifications and administrative paperwork through to the white glove delivery, installation, styling and any hiccups such as backorders and delays. We work hard to build relationships with trusted brands and great quality manufacturers, mostly those that deal only with designers. Our value to you is not only our design expertise but our ability to manage your project through to completion. We save you time, money and mistakes, so you can relax and enjoy your new home. 

Do you have any questions I didn't answer? Click here to send me an email and set up a phone call. We love what we do and we want you to enjoy the entire design process too, from start to a beautiful completion. 



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