Why is Your Office So Boring?

When you spend this much time at work, why is it any less welcoming than your home? I'll tell you why... we have this idea of an office and it should be all of these things: professional, neutral and focused on work. Well, that doesn't sound like a very appealing place to spend your whole day. I'd prefer these words: welcoming, inspiring and supportive. Here are 3 quick ways you can make your work space better right now. 

1. Better Lighting: One of the best ways to improve any indoor environment is with great lighting. Access to natural light is best but, since we don't all have corner offices, a well-lit space is crucial. Spend a little time in a poorly lit room and you'll quickly feel your energy drop as well as your productivity and focus. Replace your dated lights with LED fixtures in the 3500-5000K color temperature range to keep you alert and productive. 
2. Nature at Work: Unless you're a park ranger or a yachting instructor, your day probably involves more time inside than outdoors. Remind your body that it's part of nature and bring in some greenery to brighten your mood and your environment. Many plants are very low maintenance (snake plants, spider plants, pothos) but if your green thumb was amputated in the war or there's no natural light then go faux, we won't tell anyone. 
3. Color Theory: Now that you're well on your way to being super productive and inspired with your well lit, natural working environment, my last tip is improve your color palette and decor. Simple upgrades to your paint colors or accent touches like artwork and smaller furnishings can brighten your space, making it welcoming, comfortable and representative of your taste and style. 

It's time to think about your space now... Does it support you and inspire you to think creatively? Does your workspace represent your company's branding? Does it tell your clients that you're trustworthy, reliable and forward-thinking? We love working on office environments, tell us how you want your space to feel and we'll make it work better for you. 

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